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Nature Tour

Please join us in exploring the diverse nature in which the Holy Land has to offer. From Masar Ibrahim which is rated as a (Hot New Hiking & Biking Trail 2018) by National Geographic to mini trails throughout the country we are sure to satisfy your nature needs.

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550 $

350 $

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We invite you to visit the Land of the Prophets (PBUT) to pray in Al-Aqsa and to see the site of the Isra'a and Miraj and over 1300 years of Islamic history that transcend empires and ages.

Islamic Tour

Bird Watching Tour

Please allow us to take you around one of the best countries for bird watching. With around 350 permanent species and approximately 120 that regularly migrate, bird watchers are sure to be pleased with the 500 million migrating birds.

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900 $

650 $

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Allow us to take you in the footsteps of our Lord. From birth to the miracle of the ascension, we will bring it all to life for a truly unique experience.

Christian Pilgrimage Tour

Classic Tour

In this tour our guests will get to explore the highlights of the Holy Land and be able to experience a bit of everything for a truly unforgettable experience.

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800 $

500 $

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Please join us in exploring the true treasure of the Holy Land; it's people and the culture that they hold. With a very long historic background, the inhabitants of the Holy Land have a lot of culture to be shared with the visitors who will surely take something new home.

History/ Cultural Tour

Israel and Jordan Tour

Discover the highlights of the entirety of the Holy Land in one special trip. See the different cultures and lifestyles as you the different cities along the way.

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800 $

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We are a firm based in Jerusalem in the heart of the Holy Land. We set up our company with the vision of offering a unique and unforgettable experience of the Holy Land.



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