Airport pick-up

•    The guide and bus will be picking up the group from an airport to head to the hotel in Jerusalem. The hotel is within walking distance of Al-Haram Alsharif (Al-Aqsa Mosque) and the group will settle in for the night. Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 2

Tour of the Jerusalem's Old City

•    After morning prayers and breakfast at the hotel, the group will head towards the old city to see: The Old City walls, the bazaar, the Buraq Wall, the Christian and Arminian quarters, visit the Aqsa Mosque and have free time in the old city.

•    Transfer to the Mount of olives to visit Masjid Ascension, Maqam Rabiatul Adawiyah & Maqam Salman Al Farisi. Dinner and overnight

Day 3

Hebron and Bethlehem

•    After morning prayers and breakfast at theAfter morning prayers and breakfast at the hotel, the group will head towards Hebron (Al-khalil) to visit the Ibrahimi Mosque and see: the tombs of sayyidna Ibrahim, and his wife Sara, sayyidna Ishak, and his wife Rifka, sayyidna Yakub, Laika, and sayyidna Yusuf (alayhom a-salam).

•    Afterwards, the bus will head to Bethlehem to visit the birthplace of sayyidna Isa Almaseeh at the Church of Nativity.

•    Head back to the Hotel. Dinner and overnight


Day 4

Jericho, Nabi Musa and Jaffa

•    After morning prayers and breakfast, the bus willhead to Visit Maqam Nabi Musa& Jeticho; the oldest inhabitant city in the world.

•    The group will then drive towards Jaffa which is on the Mediterranean Sea to see the city port, learn about its historic City Walls, visit Hasan Bek Mosque, see the Sultan Abdulhamid's clock tower then head to the airport for the drop-off.

We invite you to visit the Land of the Prophets (PBUT) to pray in Al-Aqsa and to see the site of the Isra'a and Miraj and over 1300 years of Islamic history that transcend empires and ages.

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